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QualityCert Ltd. Tuzla is a company for development, design, production and business management ( further refered as QualityCert.)

Buyer (Organisation): A person or legal entity that submits a Request for Quote, verbally or in writing,  and establish cooperation with QualityCert in procuring its services. Under special conditions, the Buyer is not the direct user of QualityCert services.

Performer (QualityCert): Employees, associates and/or suppliers of QualityCert who are actively, directly or indirectly, involved in the realization and delivery of services according to customer requirements.

Service: Including build, production and / or delivery of goods, also, Consulting services in the form of administrative-technical or specialist support by the QualityCert, within a specified period of time and for the pricing as agreed between the parties, in written contract or acceptance of the offer by the Organization.




This document defines the terms of use of the services provided by the QulityCert and the information provided on the website and other QulityCert’s internet sites.




QualityCert provide services in the following areas:


Business and management systems

  • Business processes build and standardization in scope of the Organization;
  • Establishing of Management systems according to the Organization’s requirements, that may include requirements of applicable regulations, standards and other norms;
  • Support in established management systems maintenance and improvements.



  • Organization, implementation and support with Internal audits in purpose of Managemet systems establishing realization and/or systems maintenance (1st party audit)
  • QualityCert on behalf of the Organization conduct supplier’s audit and other related activities in purpose of sucessful selection and evaluation of the Organization’s supplier (2nd party audit),
  • Per Organization request in purpose of management systems and product certifications, QualityCert may search for available and accredited certification bodies, and provide relevant information that Organization is not obliged to accept nor implement. Also, for the same purpose, QualityCert provides subject matter experts to certification bodies, where feasible and acceptable in terms of independence and impartiality for service delivery (3rd party audit).


Note: audits are sample based and conducted by following ISO19011 guidelines.


Product design and development

  • QualityCert provides design, regulatory affiars and quality assurnace services in design and product development, that Organization assess and internaly decide on acceptance, in whole or partially. All deliveries, the Organization is not obliged to accept for implementation and may further request corrections until final acceptance or rejection, within framework of contract clauses.
  • QualityCert may, under the same conditions, provide the Organization with its other sevices defined by this document in purpose of product design and development.



  • QualityCert educations are to be considered the Services, as defined by this document.
  • QualityCert provides education in area of its services, which does not confirm new skills and competences enhancement of the participants, unless otherwise defined by a education program and with issued certificate of acquired qualifications.
  • QualityCert provides internal (in-house) education, according to the QualityCert program or a individually developed education program on demand and for the needs of the Organization.
  • The program and delivered information during the education course are non-binding and represent QualityCert trainers’ best understanding of the topic and subject area, and which attendees apply in scope and content to their assessment in their further work.
  • QualityCert does not represent nor conduct education by the order or on behalf of the authorities or other bodies, unless otherwise stated in the education program.



  • QualityCert may offer other services that are not described in this chapter, and for which the provisions of this document are adapted for the benefit of and for the needs of QualityCert.




The services charge is established in accordance with the internal policy “Rules on the conditions and pricing of services”. The price is expressed in Convertible Marks (KM) + VAT or currency of the Organization.




Provision of services with a fixed delivery period of less than 12 months:

  • For monthly payments made by the Organization during the project realization, QualityCert delivers pro-invoices confirming the sucessful payment transaction. When billing the last installment, QualityCert delivers a final fiscal invoice along with withdrawal of previoulsy issued pro-invices. In the event of an non-justified delay of the Organization with monthly payments, QualityCert reserves the right to suspend project activities until claims are resolved. The payment deadline of the final fiscal invoice is 60 days.


Provision of continuous services with an undetermined delivery period, or longer than 12 months:

  • QualityCert monthly submits an fiscal invoice for the delivered service and annotated period of services delivery. For the Organizations outside of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the invoice is delivered electronically.




  • Registration fee for education, the Organization pays in advance in full amount, according to the pro-invoice and not later than 3 days before the date of the education. After a payment is confirmed, QualityCert delivers a final fiscal invocie. Otherwise, QualityCert reserves the right to refuse the Organization for further participation in the education course. For successful registration fee payments and non-attendance on scheduled course, QualityCert does not make a refund of the registration fee paid ammount.


All provisions for the payment of the delivered services per request of the Organization and other than those specified herein, may be determined by a service and/or product contract.




Depending on the nature and scope of the service, and readiness of the Organization to carry out the planned activities, QualityCert, in agreement with the Organization, determines the deadlines for implementation of the contracted service. The deadline for implementation of contractual activities may be prolonged in agreement with the Organization. QualityCert, under no circumstances, is not responsible for the Organization’s not meeting its deadlines.




QualityCert is not responsible for the compliance, conformity and status of Organizations’s products on the market, the efficiency of the management system processes and processes that are not in the defined scope of management system, nor for the financial results of the Organization.The organization is solely responsible for the certification / recertification status and status of other external audits performed by the responsible certification bodies and other interested parties, where QualityCert will not be liable for the performance results of the Organization that would eventually prevent successful certification / recertification or other sucessful external verification.

In the event that Organization exceeds the deadlines and / or in the event of unsuccessful or not realized certification or any future review of the Organization’s system, processes and / or products, QualityCert shall not be held liable for any eventual damage that the Organization would suffer in this case.


The organization is responsibile for the following:

  • Identification, interpretation and implementation of relevant regulatory, standards and other provisions applicable to the subject of the Service requested from QualityCert,
  • The Organization assess and decides on the acceptance of QualityCert deliveries (materials, information, solutions and other) and on the extent of their implementation in the processes and / or products of the Organization,
  • Compliance and maintenance of the management system and product design with applicable requirements upon successful implementation of the QualityCert services;
  • Provide QualityCert timely with neccesary information and notify QualityCert of all facts and circumstances that may be relevant to the performance of Contractual activities.
  • Provide all the necessary co-operation for the proper and timely implementation of the Contract Activities,
  • Guarantees truthful and completeness of all information delivered to QualityCert, and which is free of any restrictions for their further use.


Information and statements published on the QualityCert websites are the product of our best understanding of the topic or information being processed, and we do not guarantee the accuracy and applicability of these.

The Qualitycert websites are presentation pages, where information about services, regulatory information, sucessful projects (references), blogs and news related to the scope of QualityCert are published.




QualityCert undertakes that the information obtained during the realization of the contracted activities with the Organization, shall be kept as a confidential business secret, and shall not be transfered to third parties during and after the delivery of the service.

QualityCert’s existing materials, prior knowledge and practices, as well as the materials independently developed by the QualityCert for needs of the Organization, shall be available to QualityCert in its initial form as the template for the future arrangements outside of this Contract and upon its closure.

The Organization undertakes to provide QualityCert with only the information required for the implementation of the contractual activities.

By settling down up the Contract and upon its successful closure, QualityCert is alowed to include Organization (and / or End User) services in its ” Client List”, that is made available online and use it for marketing and sales purposes, unless the Organization otherwise notify the QualityCert within reasonable time.




In the event of any misunderstanding, they will approach the same mutual agreement in the spirit of fair interpersonal relationships, and in the case of failure to reach an agreement, the municipal court in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina is competent.




The General Terms of Use of the QualityCert have become effective as of the day of being published at official QualityCert ( website.

The General Terms of Use of QualityCert is applied to all Buyers / Organizations as of the day of being published at official QualityCert ( website.




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