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PERSONAL DATA (collection, protection, liability)

Personal data is any information that identifies you (e.g., name, surname, gender, age, e-mail or postal address, etc.). web page is structured in such a way that visitors, when visit and use the website, are not required to identify or leave any personal information, unless the visitor decided on their own to use web page communication tools. web page does not collect personal information, unless you explicitly make them available for business communication purposes, through the contact form available at web page, and by doing so, you grant permission QualityCert to collect your personal data.


Also, by sending your personal information directly through e-mail or other communication tools available on other QualityCert internet sites, it is considered that you have given the license for QualityCert to collect that data and for the same purpose as specified in this document.


On QualityCert internet sites, where we use the pre-existing infrastructure, serving as a platform for creating and maintaining an user’s Internet profiles (i.e. social networks, etc.), visitors are subject to and independently decide on accepting the terms of use and privacy policies of these internet platforms, which is out of QualityCert’s control.


We use your personal data solely for the purpose of our current and future intraction such as response to your inquiries and communicating our services in contracing of new business arrangement processes.


Your personal data received via e-mail, will be kept in our inbox, and will not be misused, sold or transferred to the thirds parties for their use in sales and marketing operations.


All personal data is stored on web hosting or cloud services with companies registered for the related business scope in or outside of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


QualityCert respects your personal rights and, in accordance with Bosnia and Herzegovina regulations and the international GDPR directive, allows buyers of our services to contact us via e-mail and request:

  • Insight into personal data,
  • Delete personal data,
  • Personal data correction,
  • Personal data transfer,

as being earlier provided for the purpose of the aforementioned mutual communications.


QualityCert undertakes the following in case of violation and jeopardize of personal data:

  • Notify the competent authorities within 72 hours,
  • Describe the consequences of violation of personal data,
  • Notify the affected entities.



COLLECTION AND PROCESSING OF NON-PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION DATA web page does not collect non-personal identification data such as browser name, computer type, operating system type, internet service provider, and other similar information that you use by accessing our website and which can potentially identify you.

For other QualityCert internet sites (social media, etc.), visitors to our profile pages are subject to the terms of use and the privacy policies of these Internet platforms in terms of collecting non-personal data, which is out of our control.




Cookies are small files on web sites that are stored on visitor’s web browsers, and allow web sites to remember actions and preferences of visitors. does not use cookies to collect information about visitor’s activities.




By using QualityCert internet sites you accept QualityCert privacy policy. If you do not agree with the policy, please do not use QualityCert internet sites. Please follow regularly the terms of use published on our website, because we reserve the right, due to the improvement of the website or regulatory changes, to update the privacy policy at any time, without prior notice. Using QualityCert internet sites, after changes in privacy policy being published, will be considered as your acceptance of these changes.




If you have any question about privacy policy, practices or functionality of QualityCert internet sites, please contact us at:

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